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Literary View

Literary View
Literary View Large

Enhance any literature study with this bright project! Students creatively depict scenes and people from a story and then use their writing and deductive skills to explain the importance of the picture.


  • Westcott 5” Kids scissors
  • paint in various colors
  • paintbrush
  • waxed paper
  • black construction paper
  • white construction paper sheet
  • construction paper scraps
  • marker
  • glue

Helpful Resources:

  • Scissor Caddies
  • Teachers Scissors
  • Kids Scissor Packs


Brought to you by Westcott – The World’s Favorite Scissors

Literary View Step 1

Step 1
Paint one side of the waxed paper to represent the sky. Then set it aside to dry.

Step 2
On the black paper, draw silhouettes to create important people and objects from the book. Cut out the drawings.

Step 3
Position the waxed paper paint-side up on the white paper and glue it in place. Then glue the black cutouts to the painted paper. Use the scrap to make a label for the drawing, including the book's title and author. On the back of the project, describe the project and tell about related events from the book.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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