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Glue Gun Reusable Stencils

Glue Gun Reusable Stencils
Glue Gun Reusable Stencils

Summary: Glue Gun stencils are the perfect way to add personalized patterns to anything.

What's Needed:


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Glue Gun Reusable Stencils
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Brought to you by Westcott – The World’s Favorite Scissors

Glue Gun Reusable Stencils

Step 1
Plug in your Glue Gun and wait for it to heat up. The Westcott Glue Gun nozzle turns red when it's heated up, (you don't have to touch it to know when it's heated, yay for your fingers)

Glue Gun Reusable Stencils

Step 2
On a foil paper, make any design you’d want using hot glue and wait for it to dry. Gently peel off the stencil from the foil paper once it dries and you’re ready to use it.

Glue Gun Reusable Stencils

Step 3
Place it flat on a surface and use paint to create your design. It’s best to lay the stencil on the flat side, the side that was lying on the foil.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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