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A Chain of Thanks

A Chain of Thanks
A Chain of Thanks Final

Round up thoughts of thankfulness with this fun paper chain.


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Brought to you by Westcott – The World's Favorite Scissors

A Chain of Thanks Step 1

Step 1
Use the ruler to divide each square into 7 one-inch-wide strips. Cut them out. On each of six strips, write a letter in the word THANKS. On each of six more strips, write a thankful thought.

A Chain of Thanks Step 2

Step 2
On the paper circle, draw a picture of something or someone that you are thankful for.

A Chain of Thanks Step 3

Step 3
Form the first loop of the chain by gluing the ends of a blank paper strip. Attach the T strip; then attach one of the loops with a thankful thought. Continue, alternating between the letter and sentence loops, to spell the word THANKS.

A Chain of Thanks Step 4

Step 4
To complete the chain, thread the remaining paper strip through the bottom loop and then glue the circle between the ends of the paper strip.

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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