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Shredded Gift Bag

Shredded Gift Bag

Take an ordinary gift bag and make it extraordinary with the help of The World's Favorite Scissors™! This upcycled gift bag gets the party going with a festive piñata theme. Customize it with different colors to suit the occasion or recipients individual sense of style!

What's Needed:

Brought to you by Westcott – The World's Favorite Scissors


1) Layer up 3 sheets of tissue paper. Line up the edges and fold over onto a 2" strip, using the Westcott Self Healing Mat as a guide. Then carefully trim with the Westcott Trendsetter Zebra Scissors.

2) With the Westcott All Purpose Shredding Scissor, shred the edges of all 3 of the tissue paper strips at once, working your way down the strip.

3) Separate the tissue paper strips. Then fold over the folded edge. This will give you a nice area to apply the glue runner adhesive.

4) Run the glue runner down the length of a tissue paper strip and adhere the first strip to the bag, starting with the bottom strip. Wrap the strip all the way around the bag and trim as needed. For this bag we used 3 strips of shredded tissue paper, but feel free to mix it up and add as many strips as you like. You could even cover the whole bag if you're feeling super ambitious!

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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