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Water Bottle Garden

Water Bottle Garden

Classroom Activities - Water Bottle Garden

Water bottle garden

Vertical gardening is all the rage these days! And what better way to explore the topic than with this fun recycled water bottle planter project. Have each student create a water bottle planter and then string them together vertically to create a beautiful community garden for your school! Watch the tutorial Here!

What's Needed:

Helpful Resources:

  • Scissor Caddies
  • Teachers Scissors
  • Kids Scissor Packs


Brought to you by Westcott – The World's Favorite Scissors



1) With the Westcott Titanium Cushion Grip Hobby Knife prepare the bottles for the students by beginning the cut for the opening at the top of the planter. This gives them a place to begin cutting with the scissors. Also make several slits on the other side of the bottle for drainage. When linked together the water will flow down from planter to planter.


2) Have the students cut the opening into the side of the bottle with the Westcott 5" Pointed Kids Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection.


3) Next the students are ready to decorate their planters with pieces of colorful duct tape cut with the Westcott 5" Pointed Non-Stick Kids Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection.


4) Lastly have the students cut some yarn with the Westcott 5" Pointed Kids Scissors with Antimicrobial Protection to attach to each end of the bottle. For this design we twisted two contrasting colors of yarn together. Then you are ready to string them all together and begin planting your hanging vertical garden!

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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