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Stop light

Motivate your students to improve their classroom conduct with this eye catching visual aide for the classroom! Each clothespin features a student's name. Start the day off with everyone on the green light. Throughout the day, if necessary, move their name to the yellow light as a warning, and to the red light for misbehaving. Then they can work their way back up again with improved behavior. As an additional motivator, give them a prize for staying on the green light all day or all week!

What's Needed:

Helpful Resources:

  • Scissor Caddies
  • Teachers Scissors
  • Kids Scissor Packs


Brought to you by Westcott – The World's Favorite Scissors



1) With the Westcott Designer Compass, trace 3 large circles for the stoplight. Cut them out with the Westcott 8" Straight Titanium Non-Stick Scissors.


2) The cut three black rectangles for connecters and use the glue stick to assemble the stoplight. Then cut small rectangles out of white paper and write the name of each student onto each piece with the permanent marker. With the Westcott 8" Straight Titanium Non-Stick Scissors, cut a small piece of masking tape for each name and use it to adhere the name tags to the clothespins.


3) To create the header board, draw some guidelines using the mechanical pencil from the Westcott Designer Compass Set and the Westcott KleenEarth 12" Kids Recycled Ruler. Then with the mechanical pencil, trace the Westcott LetterCraft Stencil Lettering to create the words for the top. Feel free to customize the name of this motivational stoplight to suit your classroom. Once you've traced out all the words, fill them in with the permanent marker and erase the guidelines with the eraser included in the Westcott Designer Compass Set.


4) Attach the header board to the top of the stoplight with the glue stick and hang it on the wall. Then get ready for a major improvement in the classroom behavior of your students!

Adult supervision is recommended when children use scissors.
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