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About Our Products

  1. Which trimmer replacement blades will fit my trimmer?
  2. How do I replace paper cutter, straight trimmer or rotary trimmer blades?
  3. How do I insert batteries & remove broken tips with my iPoint Curve? (Item # 14769,14809,14766,14808,14764,14768)
  4. How do I empty my manual sharpener & eraser? (Item # 14393, 14407)
  5. Where can can I go to get my scissors sharpened?
  6. How do I change the battery of my iPoint Evolution? Item #14893,14885,14886,14887,14888)
  7. How to empty the iPoint Evolution Pencil Sharpener? (Item #14893,14885,14886,14887,14888)
  8. How do I empty my iPoint Razor? (Item # 14629,14838,14204,14810,14202,14201,14629,14838)

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