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Westcott Electric iPoint Evolution Axis Pencil Sharpener

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Westcott Electric iPoint Evolution Axis Pencil Sharpener

Item No.15510


Westcott's iPoint Evolution Axis Electric Sharpener is designed for use in the office or school. Super quiet with the lowest noise rating in the industry. Super-fast sharpening using helical 10-blade technology. Sharp Sense technology allows you to feel when the pencil is at the perfect point. Auto shut off when pencil is completely sharpened. Safety cut off if the shavings reservoir is removed. Large EZ view shavings reservoir that once removed, safely deactivates the sharpener.
•  Use at home or office
•  Auto stop technology
•  Low noise and sleek design
•  Highly efficient Sharp Sense technology
•  Large, EZ-view shavings reservoir
•  5 Year Warranty


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